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Each set about 2hrs of live music, voice and guitars. Both acoustic and electric, it depends what song, what gear, what set, what kind of guitars envolved: acoustics Gibson J-200, Epiphone Jumbo, Ovation, Fender Stratocaster or Epiphone Casino, actually. No voice effects at all.
Bob Dylan Review / Set List
  A hard rain´s aGonna fall
  Abandoned love
  All along the watchtower
  It´s all over now, Baby Blue
  Blowin´ in the wind
  Boots of spanish leather
  Don´t think twice, it´s all right
  Emotionally yours
  Forever young
  Hey Mr Tambourine Man please play a song for me
  I shall be released
  I threw it all away
  I want you
  Knockin´ on Heaven´s door
  Lay lady lay
  Like a rolling stone
  My back pages
  No no no, it aín´t me, babe
  Not dark yet
  Shelter from the storm
  The times they are aChangin´
  Things have changed
  Thunder on the mountain
Lightning Sally / Set List
  Song for a winter´s night
  Boulevard of broken dreams
  Thunder road
  As we sail the Universe
  Life wonders & wonder gifts
  Let her go
  You know I´m no good
  Tower of song
  A matter of time
  Done with Bonaparte
  The passenger
  Across the Universe
  Both sides now
  The circle game
  Lightning Sally
  Don´t look back in anger
  While my guitar gentle weeps
  Viva la vida
Hopes & dust / Set List
  A sky full of stars
  Shape of my heart
  In the air tonight
  Father & son
  Morning has broken
  The first cut is the deeper
  Stuck in the moment
  With or without you
  I drove all night
  Somewhere over the rainbow
  As tears go by
  Come to my window
  Your song
  Teach your children
  Oh Dixie no´ you´re done
  Tiny dancer
  Already gone
  The hardest word
  The reason
  Do it again
Faith when I fall / Set List
  Faith when I fall
  I´m easy
  Famous for killing each other
  The ship song
  Comes a time
  Cowgirl in the sand
  Heart of gold
  Long may you run
  Bleecker Street
  Will you go, lassie, go
  The ballad of Easy Rider
  Looking for the moon
  City of New Orleans
  Song for someone´
  The angels came down
  Will you go, lassie, go
  Till the last shot´s fired
  Amarillo in the morning
  Sister golden hair
  I can´t help falling in love with you
  Risin´ sun blues
  While my guitar gentle weeps (acoustic)
Folk songs v.1 / Set List
  Adios to California
  Have a little faith in me
  The open road
  If I had a boat
  Sweet baby James
  It´s a hard life
  Around the wild Cape Horn
  From Clare to here
  Girl from the hiring fair
  Streets of London
  The last thing on my mind
  If I were a carpenter
  All my tears
  Black is the colour
  Catch the wind
  Always in my mind
  You take my breath away
  In the early morning rain
  Song for a winter´s night
  Pritty soon
  About time
Learning to fly / Set List
  Because the night
  Dancing in the dark
  Human touch
  I´m going down
  My city of ruins
  Sad eyes
  Thunder road
  Secret garden
  Streets of Philadelphia
  No surrender
  You´re missing
  We are alive
  We take care of our own
  The ghost of Tom Joad
  Crawling back to you
  Free fallin´
  It´ll all work out
  Learning to fly
  Something good coming
  Square one
  Time to move on
Good riddance / Set List
  Give me love
  Annie´s song
  This old guitar
  Ain´t no sunshine
  Rolling in the deep
  Highway man
  The weight
  Circus left town
  She´s a mistery
  Good riddance
  I deserve it
  What´s love got to do with it
  Private dancer
  Telling stories
  Dream a lil dream
  It makes no difference
  Love song
  Give a little bit
Dark side of mine / Set List
  A few songs (more than a few actually) to feel the blue, the darkness, the loneliness, the time passing by, the heart almost broken...
  Sometimes it just happens...
  Yet there´s a bright side still aswell of course, a lil hope that can spark the fire...
  Downbound train 3
  Come away 3.30
  We deserve to dream 5
v Dance in circles till the day is done
  Dowtown train
  Song for a winter´s night
  Let her go 4
  Tower of song 4
v Lightning Sally 2.30
  Done with Bonaparte
  Black flies
  Take yours, I´ll take mine 4
  Come to my window
v As we sail the Universe
  The open road 3.40
  Last man standing 4
  Thunder road
  The ship song 3
  The reason
  You´re missing
  The first cut is the deepest
  Adios to California
  Your song
  Lemon tree
  I can´t help falling in love with you
  Both sides now
  The circle game
  Catch the wind
  Shape of my heart
  Days like this
  Viva la vida
  Don´t look back in anger
  Free falling
  Boulevard of broken dreams
  She´s a mistery to me
  I drove all night
  The passenger
  While my guitar gently weeps
  In the air tonight
  All along the watchtower