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    Bob Dylan Review / Set List
  E A hard rain´s aGonna fall
  A It´s all over now, Baby Blue
  D Blowin´ in the wind
  Em Boots of spanish leather
  C Don´t think twice, it´s all right
  C Emotionally yours
  D Forever young
  E Rod Stewart - For ever young
  Bb Hey Mr Tambourine Man please play a song for me
  A I shall be released
  C I threw it all away
  F I want you
  G Knockin´ on Heaven´s door
  A Lay lady lay
  G / C Like a rolling stone
  E My back pages
  G No no no, it aín´t me, babe
  E Shelter from the storm
  E Simpathy for the Devil
  G The times they are aChangin´
  Gm Things have changed
  Bb Thunder on the mountain