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    Junctions / Set List
  E Sister golden hair
  D Sweet baby James
  G Stand by me
  C Somewhere over the rainbow
  Eb It makes no difference
  G Father & son
  Bm The open road
  D Across the Universe
  C Imagine
  G About time (How long will I love you)
  C Both sides now
  C Hallelujah
  E Streets of London
  B Around the wild Cape Horn
  D Bridge over troubled water
  G American pie
  E Bleecker Street
  D Annie´s song
  F#m Shape of my heart
  G Free Falling
  Fmaj7 Learning to fly
  D Friday I´m in love
  C City of New Orleans
  E Stuck in a moment
  D With or without you
  Am One
  Am Riptide
  C The sweetest thing