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    Hidden Blues / Set List
  Am Ain´t no sunshine
  G Feels like home
  G Father & son
  D The wind
  Em The hardest word
  G Tears in Heaven
  Cm Circus
  G Good riddance (Time of our lives)
  Am Unchain my heart
  Am Adios to California
  Bm The open road
  D Have a little faith in me
  C Hurt
  Dm All my tears
  Cm You take my breath away
  A To love somebody
  F In my secret life
  Am Gone
  G The ship song
  Am We know who you are
  E Streets of London
  G# Girl from the hiring fair
  C Streets of love
  Cm The long and winding road
  C The circle game
  Am Love song
  C Streets of Philadelphia
  D Secret garden
  Bm Wild horses